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Size: 15 mL

Made in Melbourne

100% Plant Based

Lavender has been found to eliminate harmful bacteria, relieve muscle spasms, disinfect and soothe inflamed skin especially when resulting from a venomous or itchy bug bite.

Aroma: A gentle, sweet, floral aroma with subtle herbal scent. Its fragrance is fresh, clean, and exceptionally soothing.

Calming: Its soothing and calming effects on the mind and body, making it a go-to choice for reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting relaxation.

Sleep Aid: Its relaxing scent is known to improve sleep quality.

Anti-Inflammatory: It can soothe skin irritations, minor burns, and insect bites.

Pain Relief: Lavender oil can alleviate headaches, muscle aches, and tension when used in massages or aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy: Lavender oil can create a calming and stress-reducing atmosphere. It can be diffused, inhaled, or added to baths for relaxation.

Skincare: It can be used to alleviate acne, eczema, and dry skin.

Massage: When diluted with a carrier oil, lavender oil is often used in massages to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Lavender Sale price$35.00

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